USA Road Trip – 2500 kilometers in one video

South Beach, Miami, USA

A few years ago, I wanted to see the South of the USA. What better way of doing so than taking a long USA road trip?! I started in Miami, Florida and drove along the Gulf of Mexico via the Everglades all the way to New Orleans where I arrived just in time for Mardi Gras. On the way back to Miami, I visited a few more places along the Atlantic Coast before returning to sunny South beach in Miami. … Read more →

Berlin attractions – Unusual things to do in Germany’s capital

Berlin really is on everyone’s bucket list, Berlin attractions have been popular among travellers for years. The neverending hype about Germany’s capital, however, mainly feeds on its exceptional art and party scene. So chances are that you have also come here to enjoy Berlin’s infamous bohemian lifestyle and it’s wild 24/7 party. But while you are here, why not check out some of the rarely heard-of Berlin attractions? 1. Letting go: Base Flying Right above Alexanderplatz, one of the usual … Read more →

Road Trip Magic: My favorite road trips around the world!

Road Trip

For me, a road trip is one of the most exciting ways to travel! You discover a country and its people in a unique way and you can always adjust your route as you go. This is why I have finally compiled my favorite road trips for you: 1. Water myths: Towards the source of the Rhine river The Rhine might not be the longest river in Europe, but it is certainly the one connected with the most … Read more →

‘Say Cheese!’ worldwide – Get everyone to smile for your picture!

Recently, I was surprised to hear that people in Tunisia yell ‘Couscous!’ before taking a picture. That made me wonder: What do photographers in other countries actually say instead of ‘Say Cheese!’ when they want to make someone smile for the camera. In my research I learned that ‘Say Cheese!’ is one of the most used invitations to smile worldwide. Besides all English-speaking countries it is also popular in Belgium, Czech, Greece, Lithuania and Sweden, among others. Even in Japan a somewhat … Read more →

DIY: Building a raft in Thailand and sinking it!

How stupid can you actually be?! I have mentioned it a few times already: Sometimes I wish I hadn’t met my friend John with all his crazy ideas. This time I even cancelled a flight to Brazil, just to join him and our mutual buddy Gui in building a raft and go down the Ping river in Thailand… Well, that plan totally didn’t work due to a severe lack of water. Which we could have possibly known beforehand … Read more →

Video: 2015 – A year of travel!

2015 has been one of the craziest years of my life, also in terms of travel. 16 countries on 3 continents?! I have now skimmed all my 2015 footage and edited it into a 3-minute film. Last week I needed to merge my various youtube channels. Unfortunately, that means that I lost a lot of views and followers. So please be kind and hit the ‘subscribe’ button. I promise it will be worth it, as I will shoot … Read more →

Exceptional places in and around Berlin – Insider tips from a location scout

I have been working as a location scout for years, so as the person who finds filming locations for TV, movies and photo shoots. I had gotten into this job by accident, but I quickly found pleasure in it. Sometimes I almost feel like a private investigator, setting off with only a few clues as well as my car and my camera, the two indispensable companions. This job definitely nurses the desire for adventure. And it also pays quite well. And indeed, … Read more →

Cuba’s cars

Many things are different in Cuba… There are hardly any shops. Nobody is driving on the highways. The beautiful houses of Havanna would probably be restored in any other part of the world. In Havanna they are only kept together by makeshift constructions. Rum is, in fact, cheaper than water in a lot of places. Cuba’s music you can only find in Cuba. There are two different currencies to pay with. … But one thing a traveller in Cuba … Read more →

Lost in translation – My favorite typos from around the world! – Part 1

Please don’t get me wrong: I do not want to ridicule anyone around the world for the typos and misspellings they use. English is clearly not their first language and I seriously appreciate them for at least trying. But these signs you find while travelling are just hilarious sometimes! Even I often make mistakes in English, so feel free to find them and laugh about them, too! But here come some of the ones that made me smile … Read more →

The hitchhiking Cambodian monk

Tempel in Phnom Phen

After a week in Cambodia, I am only mildly surprised by the young hitchhiking monk and halt to let him jump onto my scooter. We share no language, so the following minutes pass by in solemn silence. He navigates me with graceful movements of his index finger. When we get to his home, he clasps my arm. With a slight smile, he indicates me to follow him inside. The red-robed man leaves me in the shady garden and … Read more →

Budget travel tips and tricks

Strand auf Koh Phangan

Recently I got asked to be on the expert panel of a guide on how to travel for less. So I sat down and thought about how I personally save while and/or before I am travelling. I came up with such a long list of suggestions that I thought I’d simply turn it into a blog post, so you can all benefit from these money-saving tricks. So here you go: Budget travel tips and tricks If you are willing … Read more →

Renting an Enfield in India – All you need to know

Exploring India on a motorbike is a fascinating way of getting to know the country. You get to see places other tourists won’t ever visit and meet locals that are completely unspoiled by tourism. If you decide for a trip like this, you should definitely ride the Indian way: On Royal Enfields. In short, Bullets! These bikes are beautiful, fairly reliable and an amazing experience altogether. Renting an Enfield in India is not too difficult. You just need to … Read more →

5 more dishes you don’t necessarily have to try

Some of you might have thought that I had already unveiled all the weird things I have eaten when I published my article 7 dishes you don’t necessarily have to try, which is still a very popular post. But I have now remembered a few more… I hope you already have something in your stomachs! 1. Salad from fermented green tea (Lahpet) Oh yes, you have read it right: Salad. Green tea. I can almost hear your questions: … Read more →

Roadtrip Southeast Europe – My highlights

There are many ways of exploring Southeast Europe. But I recommend an unconventional alternative: A roadtrip lets you get the most out of your time. An old car, a map – and off you go! My Highlights  Prague You’ve probably all heard that Prague is pretty. Once you’re there, you’ll know that it’s even prettier! The city of 100 towers is a place for roaming, as there are new, beautiful views on pretty much every corner. Along the … Read more →

World’s most beautiful cemeteries

I have a weakness for cemeteries. Without being able to say exactly why. I find them fascinating, mildly spooky, yet soothing. And there is always that feeling of reverence for everything being finite. So wherever I can, I pay a visit to a cemetery. The bigger, the better. But it is also the respective rituals which decide if it is worth a visit. Always surprising to me: Not many people seem to be interested in cemeteries. Often, you … Read more →

Berlin by bike: The Berlin Wall Trail

First of all: Exploring Berlin by bike is the way to go! Second of all: You might believe that the wall used to be around East Berlin. This is not true, but don’t worry. Many people think that way. Truth be told: The wall went around West Berlin, the simple reason for that being that West Berlin was part of West Germany, the so-called BRD. And the East Germans were not allowed to go there. But enough of history for now. You’ve come … Read more →

Expo 2008 Zaragoza – a photo essay

The Expo is an international fair, established during the industrialization period. Nowadays, it is a fantastic opportunity of travelling through the whole world in only a few days. Many of the 193 countries present themselves here. They show their countries’ most interesting facets. That way, you can sip some tea from Bhutan in one moment, and walk over Sahara sand the next. International exhibits, international visitors – and even international food. Awesome! Add some mind-blowing art and architecture. … Read more →